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From your everyday road wheels to your off-the-beaten-track weekend wheels, we have the perfect battery to keep you moving between errands or for the long journey ahead.

Expert Advice

Getting The Right Battery

Getting the right battery for your vehicle

Like new shoes, your new battery needs to be fit for purpose, and price alone is not the only consideration when shopping for a new battery.

Maintaining Your Car Battery

Maintaining Your Car Battery

We need our cars for work, school, extra-curricular, social activities and more. Our battery experts provide their recommendations to get the most out of your battery.

Would You Know If Your Car Battery Was Flat?

Would You Know If Your Car Battery Was Flat?

A few years ago a friend drove to work, parked the car as they always did, and put in the hard slog for the next eight hours.

Proudly Australian Made

Century and Yuasa batteries are supplied in Australia by Australia's oldest and most recognised battery manufacturer, Century Yuasa Batteries, the parent company of Century Batteries. Yuasa automotive batteries are available in Australia exclusively through Battery World.

So next time you need to power your passion, support Australian jobs, Australian manufacturing and local suppliers by choosing an Australian Made Century or Yuasa battery.

We Stock Leading Brands

Not all batteries are born equal. At Battery World we know that the best battery for your motorbike isn’t the best battery for your ride-on mower. That’s why we stock all the leading brands, including hundreds of Australian made batteries and products. Our quality brands give you the peace of mind to power your passion.

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Book A Battery Test

Book A Battery Test

Battery feeling a bit flat? Visit us in store for a free battery health check, and if you need a new battery, we provide free fitting. Book in for a test today.

Your Local Store

Your Local Store

With over 110 Battery World stores across Australia, there’s bound to be one near you. Check out your local store today.

24/7 Roadside

24/7 Roadside Battery Service

When you get hit with an unexpected dead battery, our battery experts will come to you.