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*Based on average battery recycling volumes per store per year



We apologise for the temporary suspension of small battery recycling.

With safety being our primary concern, we are ensuring that the drop-off, storage, and collection of used batteries for recycling is safe for all involved. These batteries include AA’s , AAA’s, coin cells, 9V, EPIRB’s and other small alkaline and lithium batteries. More information on recycling is available at: Australian Battery Recycling Initiative (ABRI) website or Planet Arc website We look forward to assisting you with small battery recycling in the near future.

Your larger batteries for cars, 4X4, boats and motorbikes may still be dropped off at your local Battery World store.

Battery World has an Australia-wide reputation for our award winning national recycling program. This ensures we join with you, in reducing our footprint on the planet by making it as easy as calling into one of our stores to recycle, or responsibly dispose of dead batteries*, of any kind. This gives us all peace of mind we have disposed of your battery in an environmentally responsible way. We don’t only recycle batteries, but can also assist with the recycling or disposal of old mobile phones and EPIRBs. If you have an item that you aren’t sure about, give us a call and ask if we are able to assist.

(*Offer is for domestic usage and disposal of batteries. Battery World may need assistance to offset our recycling costs for batteries dropped off in commercial or bulk quantities.)

Over 8,000 tonnes of batteries go into landfill each year. Batteries are one of the most dangerous common waste discarded by Australian households. Many are made from heavy metals and harmful elements such as nickel, cadmium, lead and mercury, which can pollute soil and water and harm wildlife and humans.

Battery World recycles because we care! Right now there is no Government legislation forcing manufacturers and retailers to participate in responsible disposal of batteries. Also, there is no significant funding or incentive for manufacturers or retailers in Australia.


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